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Staying consistent with your yoga practice can be tough! Especially if the class times, location, or focus of the classes aren’t aligned with your schedule. Or even more important…your personal goals.

That’s why Salute to the Sol Yoga offers a variety of yoga class pricing and packages, both in-person and virtual, each day of the week. This flexibility puts you in charge of your fitness schedule; making maintaining your practice easier and more attainable than ever. The flexibility and ability to customize your membership help you stay consistent; ensuring you can achieve your workout goals on any budget.

Additionally, with morning, afternoon, and early evening live-stream virtual courses available at your fingertips, plus in-person Sunday yoga sessions in Key West, Florida, you have the best of both (virtual and in-person) worlds! Choose one or a combination and great ready to vinyasa like you’ve never vinyasa’d before.

Sign up today and for a limited time, when selecting a Virtual Membership, you’ll receive a 30-minute private session with the instructor of your choice to help cue in on basic movements, how your body should feel during the poses, answer questions, and provide corrections (if needed). Upgrade to Virtual + Key West Sundays and receive this private 30-minute session each month, giving you the ability to set goals, intentions, and monitor your progress. We guarantee you’ll benefit from personalized attention and flexibile schedules you won’t find anywhere else!

yoga class pricing and packages

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