Achieving your yoga goals has never been easier, or more comfortable, than with our virtual yoga classes. Experience an individual class for just $12, purchase a 10-class pack for only $60 (savings of $6 per class!), or upgrade to unlimited virtual and in-person Key West classes from 5 certified instructors. Trust us, your mind, body, and wallet (!) will thank you!


Our favorite thing about virtual yoga classes? They take away all the concerns and challenges related to traveling, group interaction, and crowded spaces in today’s uncertain environment. You can now achieve each of your yoga objectives in the comfort of your home or favorite yoga space! Plus, you have the option to share your screen for additional instruction and adjustment suggestions. And after class there’s no need to cut your savasana short. Enjoy your mindful mediation at the end of your practice as long as you’d like without having to rush back into your day-to-day activities.

In addition, virtual classes make it easier to learn new styles, poses, and approaches. Our certified instructors will motivate you to challenge yourself, while encouraging you and supporting you virtually every step of the way.

View our schedule below and sign up for the virtual yoga classes most convenient for you and your schedule. We can’t wait to meet you (virtually) on the mat!